Virus & Malware Removal
As part of this service, we will remove all traces of viruses, malware, spyware and spoof anti-virus. In addition to this we will advise you on preventative measures to limit the risk of future infection and update/upgrade your machine's anti-virus software as necessary.

Full Service
With a full service, your computer will benefit from a complete overhaul and will run much faster and more reliably. In addition to all the repairs carried out in our virus and malware removal service, we will run hard disk checks and repair bad sectors, remove unwanted startup programs and processes, repair registry errors, defragment all drives and install Microsoft updates. The result is a faster, safer and cleaner computer to work with.

PRICE: 34.50
Operating System Installation
We will reinstall your operation system from scratch, returning your computer to a fresh from factory state, completely cleared of all previous programs and data. Alternatively, you may wish to upgrade/downgrade your operating system to Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. In each case, we will install all device specific drivers and ensure everything is working correctly. We can also backup your personal data before the new installation takes place.

PRICE: 34.50
In case of upgrade/downgrade, new licence must also be purchased
Shop Front

Due to the flood the shop will be closed for refurbishment. In the meantime we are offering free collection and return delivery for repairs and upgrades. Please note the temporary phone number 07578 309258 There is also some dry stock available (memory sticks, CDs cables etc.) If you need anything just call the temp. no. Thanks.
We have a wide range of peripherals is stock at all times, including keyboards, mice, webcams, speakers, etc.

Some of our peripherals;
Keyboards from 7.99
Webcams from 14.99
Headsets from 4.99
Speakers from 7.99
Storage Solutions
Looking for a way to backup your files? Perhaps you just need to be able to bring files home from your work computer, or an easy way to share photos and music with friends? Whatever your file storage needs, we have the answer.

Some of our storage solutions;
Individual DVD-R 0.50
4GB Flash Drive 7.50
25x Pack CD-R 4.99
8GB Flash Drive 14.50
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